Produkt code: # 13404

Elegant solution for easy installation of pool technology for maximum pool automation.

The technology box is specially designed to house the ASIN AQUA dosing machine, circulation pump, filter, and four 20L barrels of pool chemicals.

The technology box is made of durable PVC, offers easy access thanks to pre-installed plastic windows, and has an elegant design in anthracite color.

The thermal insulation of this box allows the operation of pool technology even in cold winter months, providing you with flexibility and the possibility to use your pool all year round. This enables you to keep your pool in optimal condition until the arrival of warm summer days.

Main features:

  • High-strength thermally insulated sandwich panel construction
  • Panel thickness of 40 mm for maximum durability and insulation properties
  • Thermal insulation allows technology operation even in winter
  • Ideal for housing complete pool technology
  • Safe and practical solution for protecting your technology from adverse weather conditions