Produkt code: # 12010

Electronic thermometer for pool water temperature control with ASIN Aqua PROFI, ASIN Aqua HOME, ASIN Aqua SALT. The thermometer is inserted into the pipe, with the thermometer well.

Supported by devices Home, Salt, Oxygen manufactured till the year 2020. Supported by all ASIN Aqua PROFI versions.

There are two ways to find out if your device supports this type of thermometer:

According to the software version:
ASIN Aqua Home with a lower software version than v7.00
ASIN Aqua Salt with a lower software version than v5.00
ASIN Aqua Oxygen with lower software version than v2.00
ASIN Aqua PROFI with all software versions.

According to the PCB - see the picture below.

ASIN Pool till the serial number 110112898 (including).