Produkt code: # 121121

ASIN Aqua HOME CLF VS is a pool control unit equipped with CLF free chlorine probe and pH probe.

Pool Water Treatment:
- Dosing of disinfection controlled with CLF probe
- Dosing of pH controlled with pH probe
- Time-based dosing of algaecide 
- Continuous slow dosing of flocculant (Floc+c)

Pool Technology Management:
- Variable speed circulation pump control
- Intelligent heating control
- Automatically maintain water level
- Pool cover detection
- Advanced safety features

Aseko Web Services

Connection to the internet presents the advantage of the smartphone app iPool LIVE and the web application to monitor the history of your pool from where ever you are online.

Packaged products

CLF Probe

1 ks

pH probe LONG LIFE

1 ks

Measuring Water Valve 1/4" (6,35mm)

2 ks

Injection valve

4 ks

Suction Strainer

4 ks

PE Tube 1/4 (6,35mm) 15m - transparent"

1 ks

Thermometer Water - PT1000 with holder (for machines manufactured in 2021 and later)

1 ks