Produkt code: # 13248

The priming aid is a transparent, airtight container with a screw cap on top. It is located between the tank and the pump. The inlet to the tank and the outlet to the pump is located at the bottom. The priming aid is supplied with a wall mounting rail for wall mounting and a rod for installation on top of the tank.

The priming aid has the following functions:

1. Filling the pump. Easier filling of the pump in cases when the pump often switches off or when working with a high suction height. Here, the priming aid excludes or substantially reduces the so-called "dry" phase of suction.

2. Taking gases. Gases in the pump's suction pipe are in the upper part of the tank and cannot enter the pump head.

3. Damping of pulsations. A damping air cushion in the upper part of the reservoir of the priming aid dampens pressure surges. Helps optimize dosing accuracy and reduces the risk of cavitation.