Produkt code: # 13098

ASIN AQUA PROFI is professional device with intelligent system control functions. Technology designed for public sector with demanding accuracy requirements and compliance with all health and safety standards. Device is equipped with CLF free chlorine probe, Redox probe, pH probe, optionally CLT total chlorine probe. Suitable for use in combination with external dosing pumps.

Pool Water Treatment:
- Controls the dosing of disinfection with a CLF probe
- Controls the dosing of  pH + and pH- with a pH probe
- Controls continuous flocculant (Floc+c) dosing
- Total chlorine measurement with a CLT probe
- Redox potential measurement with a Redox probe

Pool Technology Management:
- Intelligent heating control
- Automatically maintain water level
- Pool cover detection
- Advanced safety features

Aseko Web Services
Connection to the internet presents advantage of smartphone app iPool LIVE and web application to monitor history of your pool from where ever you are online.