Produkt code: # 13066

Highly accurate thermometer PT1000 with holder for measuring the temperature of the water.

To measure the water temperature, it is necessary to install the thermometer with thermometer well # 12044.

The PT1000 thermometer is supported by devices manufactured mainly since 2021.

You can find out if your device supports the PT1000 thermometer in the following ways

According to the serial number
ASIN AQUA NET from serial number 11007447 (excluding serial numbers 110081492-497,533,110082035-042)
ASIN POOL from serial number 110128355
ASIN Aqua Home from s/n 110110162

According to the software version:
ASIN Aqua Home with software version v7.00 and higher
ASIN Aqua Salt with software version v5.00 and higher
ASIN Aqua Oxygen with software version v2.00 and higher

According to the PCB - see the picture below.